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Made by Andy Sum.
Follow me on twitter: @JigxorAndy
Models by Montage Parodies Green Screen Clips

wasd/mouse = move/shoot
F = Use
Q/E = Lean
mousewheel scroll / numbers = change weapon

Featuring lots of flashy colors and memes, probably 6 or so weapons? Including 1 secret hehe., inverse cinematic more than 60+ FPS, gripping storyline with amazing plot TWISTs, fight shrek in his swamp, explosions that will make you wow, and HyperImmersive™ AI driven dubstep drops.


Windows Download 257MB: Download for Windows

Mac Download 229MB: Download for Mac

Linux Download 229MB: Download for Linux

PewDiePie Forums (Dead links): PewDiePie Forum Thread

Install instructions

0. Extract all contents of the .zip file onto your harddrive
1. read README
2. #blazeit
3. run GAME OF THE YEAR 420 BLAZE IT.exe


[WIN] GAME OF THE YEAR (.zip) 256 MB


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This gsme is so good! I never missed a shot! (imaagine a smiley with sunglasses on)

m8 you should upload this to itch imo.


fuck these spams

holy shit there is so much spam

its so fun i play dis 1000000000000.000000 time

What da fuck is going on here ?

no m8 im n0t r3adin dat m8 n3v3r.

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