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i might be deaf

the producer of this game, andy sum, isn't he one of the producers for crossy road?

Deleted 1 year ago


Mirror of linux version, why the installer isn't available on itch client?

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This game is sick and cool! xD


gieb m3 s3quel b0s

This game does look pretty cool. Andy Sum also made Crossyroad ^^

I would also like for you guys to check out my game.


Game of the Year? more like GAME OF THE CENTURY.


Game of the Century? More like GAME OF THE MILLENNIUM.

10/10 - IGN

Best Fps Game Ever


That was AMAZING!

9/11 -IGN

that jumpscare at the end tho. Please make more levels or other content! :D

Gr8 I r8 8/8.

Smoke weed everyday! Amazing Game! Can't wait to see what comes out next with this theme!

Check my channel out for similar indie game content!

YouTube name : MastaCGaming

OSOM!! amazing GAME ! :D


i made a video playing this check it out


hey dude if ur on mac u can just record with quicktime player


I don't have a Mac I have window 10 and I don't have a capture card





anyway thanks for your help 😉😉

yaeh man, anytime!


well if you're on a windows 10 you don't really need a capture card (to my knowledge). you could just use obs to record the gameplay. if you don't have a microphone configured or don't know how to enable it you could just record yourself separately and layer it over the video in post. you can do that in windows movie maker fine, if you're worried if you need video editing software. anyways just a suggestion! :)

but from what i know about capture cards they're mainly useful for consoles.

very flashy


You didn't give me an epilipsy warning...


The most beautiful thing i have ever seen i r8 8/8 9/11


Is very d4nk i r8 8/8 -IGN



gr3t3s1 gam3 3v3r M8!?!?!?!?!?!


What. The. F**k.


Can i do a lets play on youtube of this awesome game?

it always says failed to load

cant You make so u CSN play on iPad m8

my eyes are bleeding of awesomnes


If dank memes be the food of love, play on you filthy casual.

is gud 69/14 gem of teh yer


Get BLAZED M8!!!

This game is so much fun! I don't understand how i didn't find out about it earlier! :)


Honestly I'd vote for it for GOTY

gr8 game m8

the game no loading firefox




Read our minds!

Yo, j'ai eu l'occasion de faire une vidéo sur ce jeu de maaaaalllaadeee mdrrrr c'est un jeu de fou.

Thanks :D

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